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As the temperatures drop rapidly, what’s irking you more? The freezing cold outdoors or the dry, warm centrally heated air that’s damaging your skin and hair indoors? Dry indoor heat can damage your hair in many ways. It can make the strands brittle and prone to breakage. Before you end up with split ends and hair fall, read through these suggestions from expert stylists at Taz Hair to prevent winter hair woes.

5 Ways to Tackle Winter Hair Woes

1. Anti-Dandruff or Dry Shampoo

While frequent shampooing works for the summer, winter months need more gentle care. Dry skin flakes on a dehydrated scalp can cause itching and hair breakage. The trick is to know your hair type and use the right shampoo to moisturize well. For dandruff issues, use an anti-dandruff remedy. Anti-dandruff shampoo brands are effective for both oily and fine hair because they deep cleanse without leaving the hair limp. For limp, oily hair, use dry shampoo to increase volume and expand the hair shaft.

2. Oil-Based Moisturizer

Frequent blow drying after washing hair can damage the roots and dry out the scalp. Prevent breakage from dry hair by treating the scalp to extra moisture. All hair types benefit from moisture-rich serums – natural, curly, wavy, limp and thick strands. An oil-based moisturizer that is heavier than usual layers the hair with a protective coat, leaving it shining and hydrated.

3. Weekly Treatments

Hair shafts dry out in the winter season not as much from the cold air outdoors than the warm, dry air indoors. This is when a good hair conditioner can come to your rescue. It resuscitates limp hair when you leave it on for 20-30 minutes to allow the moisture to seep in from the roots. Better still, have your hair care specialist nourish your hair for you. They evaluate your hair texture, selecting just the right brands to bring it to life.

4. Hydrating Hair Care Products

If your hair is frizzy or the fine strands float in the air, you know it’s severely dry. Use a hydrating shampoo but try not to wash your hair too frequently. Instead, rinse with warm water and use a leave-in conditioner that soaks into the dry strands. Use a hair brush with wooden handles built with stiff, wide bristles to reduce static. A blow-dryer with ionic technology helps seals in moisture. Stay away from alcohol-based styling products, hair products containing harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphates (SLS) or aerosol hair sprays. These dry out your hair. Use a gel based hold that moisturizes your hair instead.

5. Style with Care

Keep your hair away from clothing to reduce static. Style it into a ponytail, slicked updo or bun. Wear a toque, hat or scarves with anti-static spray. Wool, cotton and coarse fabrics tend to cause split ends. Line wool, cotton or acrylic hats with silk or satin to prevent breakage. Keep a few dryer sheets for static removal on-the-go. Dryer sheets prevent static electricity production in the dryer. You can use these sheets to rub them on your hair so they don’t spring up straight and lie flat instead. Rubber or metal combs also help. Remember plastic combs are the worst contributors to static.

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