The Colour Warrior Susan Hayward

Colourist, Taz Hair Co., Toronto, ON
Salon Magazine Jan./Feb. 2005
Had she stuck with cutting, it’s quite likely that Susan Hayward, winner of the 2005 Canadian Makeover Colourist Award, would be toiling in an office someplace right now. “My mother died when I was 19, and I needed to support myself. I decided hair would do until I figured out something else,” she says. “I almost dropped out of school when I didn’t like cutting hair. But I stayed, hoping I would like colouring better.” She did, and today Hayward declares doing colour in a salon “the best career in the world, so much so I eventually tattooed the colour wheel on my arm.” The Contessa is Hayward’s first solo- as opposed to salon- win. Hayward’s winning collection was “inspired by the idea of warrior women. They are strong and capable and in charge of their destinies,” she says. “Yet they are still beautiful and soft, and I feel they encompass the spirit of women fighting their own battles across the world. I’m also very inspired by collaboration in the salon. If one mind has a great idea, many minds can develop a full and vibrant vision.”