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If you’re new to hair extensions or even if you’ve had them a while, there are a few things that you can do to extend their life and keep them looking natural. After all, you’ve made the investment, and it’s best to keep them looking as nice as possible for as long as possible. Here are some great tips for taking care of your extensions;


1. Make sure that you start with a consult and find the best length for you. Depending on the shape of your face, your regular styling needs and your budget, there are a few options so check them out before making a decision.

2. After getting your extensions done, don’t wash your hair for about 48 hours. If you do jump into the shower, wear a shower cap and keep your hair dry.

3. When brushing, make sure that you brush from the bottom to the roots and not the other way around. Brush slowly and make sure that you take care of snags with patience and gently.

4. When you do hit the shower, it’s best to use a sulphate free shampoo. In fact, using natural products that are largely chemical free is your best option whether you have extensions or not.

5. Keep conditioner to a minimum, and if you really feel that your hair needs it, keep it to the lower ends and stay away from where your extensions are bonded to your real hair.

6. Braiding your hair before you go to bed will help to keep it tangle free and neat for when you wake up. If you’ve never braided your own hair, don’t stress; it’s easy to learn and it doesn’t have to be fancy. Just can’t get the hang of it? Try twisting two strands around each other instead.

7. If you colour your hair, make sure that you get it done before having your extensions applied so that your stylist can match the colour properly.

8. Check your hair frequently to ensure that your bonds are holding and that there aren’t tangles forming there, which are harder to get out than tangles in other parts of your hair.

9. Use your hair dryer to dry hair after each shower. The heat from your styling tools actually helps to strengthen the bond, so although you always want to be gentle with your extensions, don’t shy away from dryers and straighteners.

10. Invest in real human hair extensions over any of the synthetic types. Synthetic hair tends to be shinier (unnaturally so), and human hair is easier to style and responds better to styling tools.

11. Make sure that your extension specialist is certified; you’ll want someone who has experience in their field and can even show you examples of work that they’ve done for others.
These easy steps can help ensure that you enjoy your extensions to the fullest and that they look their best for the duration that you choose to wear them.