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Taz Hair Co.: Joins Sustainability Initiative to Keep the Planet More Beautiful .

A green circle salon is a sustainable salon alternative committed to repurposing and recovering beauty-related waste. In joining Green Circle Salons, we are helping to transform the hair and beauty industry into a more environmentally conscious community to be proud of. At Taz Hair, we understand that our clients have become more cognizant of the brands they’re putting money into and choosing those dedicated to helping the planet. It’s paramount to us that the clients we love understand that we not only support their commitment to go green but that we also share the same values.

By partnering with Green Circle Salons, we are enhancing your experience by ensuring incredible hair services that add no waste to our beautiful planet.

How Does The Green Circle Salon Operate?

Collect, Reuse, Recycle

Green Circle Salons members will collect hair clippings, used foils, colour-tubes, hair colour and any paper, glass and plastic that is no longer in use or used. Doing so, their members will use these items for recycling and repurpose uses to divert them away from community waterways, landfills and forests.

Promote Energy Efficient Techniques

Green Circle Salons educate salons on the importance of using energy and water-saving operations for hair services. We will transition from the traditional cost method to a program implemented by Green Circle which aims to help our clients save and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

Help Salons Become Certified Sustainable

By partnering with Green Circle Salons, Taz Hair will become a certified sustainable salon! It’s important for us to express our green initiatives and values to all of our clients.

Taz Hair Company (Kingsway) Colour (lbs) Total Waste (lbs)
2016 95 433
2017 529 1655
2018 152 683.75
2019 (Jan-Oct) 38 1637.55
Total 814 4409.3
Taz Hair Company (Yorkville) Colour (lbs) Total Waste (lbs)
2016 155 1054
2017 338 633
2018 235.5 734
2019 (Jan-Oct) 32 1493.8
Total 760.5 3914.8

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