Frank Cini – Canadian Hairdresser of The Year 2006

Frank Cini - Canadian Hairdresser of The Year 2006

Canadian Hairdresser Magazine
Hairdresser of The Year winner Frank Cini credits taking classes, following trends, watching Fashion Television, observing designer John Galliano’s collections and reading European magazines as his inspirations. “But my biggest inspiration is my wife. It’s nice to be married to another hairdresser because we bounce ideas off each other. We’re able to offer suggestions without changing each other’s visions.” Winning Hairdresser of The Year is something Cini has been striving for since he began competing 16 years ago. “I always feel great about what we’re doing in the salon, but to be recognized nationally is an incredible honour. I hope it’s just the beginning. I love to compete because it keeps the creative juices flowing,” says Cini. “Being too comfortable is not always a good thing, it’s nice to push yourself.”