Daniel Naumovski – The Contender

Daniel Naumovski - The Contender

Salon Magazine Jan./Feb. 2001
Ontario Hairstylist 2001
Daniel Naumovski, stylist/co-owner Taz Hair Co., Toronto, ON
Years in the industry: 11

This former Laurentian University student shocked his Marvel teachers when he completed the 10-month hairstyling program. “Nobody thought I was serious about hair when I enrolled at Marvel, but I was very serious,” says Daniel Naumovski, flashing a devilish grin. “What people didn’t know about me was I spent many afternoons with a clipper in my hand, giving cuts to my buddies and sharpening my skills.” A former Junior B hockey ace, Daniel says his big Contessa win wouldn’t have happened without the rest of the Taz team. “I rely on them to help me pick out my photos.” According to his mates, it’s a miracle if Daniel gets around to prepping his models before a shoot. “I usually need my models in front of me before I get inspired. I’m very spontaneous and it’s gotten me in trouble more than a few times in my life!”