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Getting ready for work every day can be a fun experience if you make it. If you are looking for new hairstyle inspiration for work, you’re in the right place! Below, we list eight hairstyles that are simple and appropriate for the workplace.


Ponytails are great options for the workplace and make you look like there’s nothing in this world that can stop you. Elevate the classic style with a light, shiny serum or gel, comb the hair to the back and secure with a hair tie. Ponytails are a classic style that can be styled straight or curly. If your hair is short, you can buy longer extensions that will instantly give you a long ponytail.


Wigs are not only convenient but versatile as well. They come in different lengths, styles, and colours. For the office, a naturally coloured wig (brunette or a dark blonde) would be a great choice. 


If you have thinner hair, you might find it challenging to style it. A great remedy to this is to put in some hair extensions. If you can’t find any that match your hair, you can always have them dyed to match perfectly.

Loose French Twist

A loose French twist with soft side-swept bangs looks great on every face shape. You could even keep this style in for a few days!

Half Crown Braid

If your hair is medium to long in length, this is a great style to have your hair down and out of your face. Two simple braids will have your co-workers thinking that you spend the entire morning getting ready for your day.

Loose Wave Extensions

The difference between loose wave extensions and body wave extensions is the latter’s waves do not form an “S” shape. After you wash them, the shininess of loose wave extensions will not be as prominent, giving them a natural look.

Kinky Extensions

If you have coarser hair, fret not, there are extensions available for your hair type as well. They do not only provide more length but they’re also a number of styles you can do with them. With good quality extensions, you’ll be able to jump between straightened and natural styles easily.


A low bun is a classic style that is always classy and put together for the workplace. They can be high or low, depending on your preference and the length of your hair. 

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