Taz Hair Co. – Ontario Salon Team Recipients 2001

Salon Magazine Jan./Feb. 2001

No stranger of Contessa glory, Frank still gets butterflies as a finalist on awards night. But this year his Taz partner, Daniel Naumovski, took gold before he did, alleviating some of the pressure. “When Daniel won Ontario Hairstylist, I knew we were coming home with at least one Contessa,” Frank recounts (Taz were finalists in seven categories). “Then I could sit back and relax.” Frank, who took Canadian Avant Garde Hairstylist for the second year running, is now firmly ensconced in the style hall of fame. On Contessa night, he and his mate Carol Brodzinski decided early, no matter who won what, they were going to party. “We got someone to watch the dog and we invited all our friends back to the hotel to celebrate with us. For me, the Contessas are one of the most exciting nights of the year and I wanted to spend it with good friends.”