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If you’ve always wanted to try a shorter haircut, now is the time to do it! With all the different styles hairdressers can accomplish these days, it will be easy to find a haircut that is flattering for you. It can be scary to chop off your long hair but short haircuts are very trendy, so if you’re interested in hair that is stylish and fresh, consider the following haircuts:

  1. Feathered layers. This is the perfect hairstyle for anyone looking for inspiration from the ‘70s and combining it with a modern twist. Feathered layers in shorter haircuts provide lots of movement and this short haircut is especially popular amongst 20-year-olds or anyone with thin hair as this particular haircut will give off the illusion of fuller hair.
  2. Versatile hairdo. If you want a haircut that can be styled in several different ways, choose a short haircut that will give you multiple styling options. This is ideal for those who have a hard time deciding on one specific look or anyone who gets bored of their hair easily because this type of haircut provides flexibility so you’re not stuck with one specific look.
  3. Side lob. If you’re ready to accept the fact that you’re an adult and want a haircut that reflects your maturity and actually makes you look your age, then a free-flowing side lob is the way to go. This is a sleek and short haircut, and with a little bit of texturizing wax, your do will have some tousle and your hair will be both fabulous and fun.
  4. Fashionista bob. If you love fashion and follow all the new trends, then a fashion-forward bob is the way to go. This is a very popular haircut that fashion bloggers and street style enthusiasts love because it is modern and super stylish. Salt spray will give this cut extra texture and volume and the reason this short haircut is a favorite is because it pairs perfectly with any outfit.
  5. Laidback bob. If you don’t have the time to style your hair every day and want a haircut that’s easy to maintain, a casual bob is a great option because it’s stress-free and easy to style. This cut will provide you with a relaxed look that you can achieve without a fuss and the best part is that it’s suitable for all hair types, including curly and straight.

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